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Articles and How-to Project Ideas for Increasing Creative Play
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Creativity & Kids: Creative Fun Learning Articles

How to Help Children Stay Creative | More »
By Abby Connors
Every child is creative, but too many children lose some or most of their creativity as they grow to adulthood.


10 Ways to Cultivate Creativity: A WildChild Primer for Kids of All Ages
By Artella
10 fun ways to express your artistic, creative self including: Unconventional coloring, creating with your body, drawing out your goals, and redecorating kid-style!

Wire Sculpture Art for Kids
By Elizabeth Berrien
This lesson plan will help children and teens learn how to create their own innovative wire sculpture art like a professional.

Nurturing Play
By Vicki Durr
Nurturing play such as jigsaw puzzles, scavenger-treasure hunt games, healthy cooking, educational toys, or kids crafts are a great way to spur their imagination.

Make Gift Wrapping Paper with Kids
By Abigail Beal
Making your own wrapping paper is a fun activity that children or adults can do.

Enhance Your Child's Literary Skills with Journaling
By Day Penaflor
Call it a journal, a diary, a spy pad, a writer’s notebook, or a daybook. Whichever name you prefer, they are a perfect way to enhance your child’s reading and writing skills.

Harry Potter Theme Party
By Carol Selva
Turn your party room into Hogwarts Hall with a few waves of Harry's magic wand.

Working Moms: You don't need time to be creative!
By Sandy Gerber
Forget about the quantity of time and focus on the space to be creative.

Why Make Homemade Gadgets? & Making Gizmos for Fun
By Alan Detwiler
Making simple, homemade devices is fun for any young person who likes to tinker and build.

Creating Your Own Decorated Hair Comb
By Katharyne Thompson
You can create wonderful hair combs by using these two techniques.

Designing Earrings from Ice Cream Sticks
By Janice Wee
Back when I was a student, I would make jewelry out of anything that caught my attention.

Internet and Education — One Mom's Experience
By A.R. Linder
A discussion on Thorndike's Laws of Learning: Readiness, Exercise, Effect, Primacy, Intensity, Recency.