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Free Christmas Tree
Christmas : Free Printable Paper Desktop Christmas Tree Cutout

Scissor-snipping paper craft fun!

Printable 'Merry Christmas!' Christmas Tree Cutout

Free Desktop Christmas Tree Fun (Humor)

Paper Christmas TreeBy Chris Dunmire

Are you struggling with "what's it's going to be" in the Christmas tree department this year? Real or fake? Plastic or paper? Plain or pre-lit?

Wait...paper? Yes! There really are paper Christmas trees! Well, I know of at least one — the one I created as a tidy, budget-friendly way to decorate my desk and spread good cheer in the office during the holiday season.

See it pictured above? Yes, that's the one. And you can print it right now for free off this page (further down). It comes from my Merry Christmas! Desktop Christmas Tree Kit, a cool e-printable novelty I designed in 2007 specifically for office cubical dwellers who wanted to add a simple whimsical piece of holiday decor to their working environments.

Since I used to work in a cube farm, I know how plain and sterile it feels without plants and color and personal items to cheer you up during the holidays. So what can be better than this for Christmas? A paper tree (it's kind of plant-ish) with no needles, no watering, no boxes of ornaments to find and dig out from storage or strings of lights to untangle! (Yes, it's pre-decorated, but sorry, you have to get your own gifts. Hey, print a few of these out and stick them on your co-worker's desks. What a nice, thoughtful gift for them!)

Actually, this Christmas tree has multiple applications: kids's paper crafting, table-top party decorations, bulletin board graphics, scrapbooking elements, cards, and gift tags. Whatever personal creative uses you can think of, have at it! (The Kit has multiple-sized trees for more flexibility and fun. The sample page you get here is the smallest one.)

Read on for simple assembly instructions to quickly get your paper tree from 2D to 3D!

Project Materials & Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or double-sided tape
  • Printed Christmas tree cutout page

Download and print the Christmas Tree PDF

Print Christmas Tree Cutout Page

Step 1

Assembly Instructions:

1. Print Christmas tree page. Download and print the small Desktop Christmas Tree on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of card stock or poster board from an inkjet or laser printer. Tip: For best results, use card stock.

Step 2

2. Cut out both trees. Neatly cut out both trees around the dashed line, leaving a nice white border. Trees will be glued back-to-back (in the next step), so try to cut them out as evenly as possible.

Step 3

3. Fold tabs and glue (or tape) tree halves together. Fold the tree base tabs back on both tree halves (front and back). Then glue (or tape) the top-third of each half back-to-back from the star down. Next, glue tabs to opposite tree bases, making an almond-shaped self-standing tree base.

4. Display tree. When your paper Christmas tree is dry, open the base slightly and stand it up anywhere you want it to be seen: on your desk, shelf, lunchroom table, etc. Tip: Keep the base sturdy by slipping it over a small weighted object. This will help it from easily falling down or blowing over from hurried rushes of working wind or curious-touching fingers in your office or elsewhere. •

© 2010 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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