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Dec 22: Snowman Poop Stocking Stuffer Project with Printable Joke Bag Topper


By Chris Dunmire | Posted December 20, 2008 | Updated December 22, 2019

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Snowman Poop Gag Gift Stocking Stuffer Project

‘Naughty Not Nice’ Christmas Humor

Snowman Poop Sign DesignVariations on a theme for this popular crafty Christmas joke have been floating around for decades: The infamously funny “Snowman Poop” razzle stocking stuffer.

The gist of the novelty gift is a rhyming poem or clever verse noting the recipient has been 'naughty not nice' this year, so all they get for Christmas instead of a coal chunk ('cause that costs too much!) is "Snowman Poop." It seems the best rhyming word to set off the punch line is "scoop." Got something more clever? Make your own sign with a customized rhyme.

Here's the variation used for my joke sign, which you can print and use for personal use with your gift to make it look authentic and retail-worthy:

"You’ve been naughty
so here’s the scoop,
all you get for Christmas
is this Snowman Poop!"

This fun gift is not as gross as it seems. At first you may cringe, but you'll quickly soften when you realize the offending material consists of mere cute, rounded-edged sweet mini-marshmallows accompanied (or not) by other food or sparkly glitter to mimic fine snow, and it's all cleanly contained in a zip-seal sandwich bag.

An important cautionary notice 'not to eat' the bag's craft contents is displayed on the back of my tag under the "To:" line to address the gift. Ready to make yours?

Materials Needed

  • A regular-sized zip-seal or Ziploc® sandwich bag
  • A dozen or more mini-marshmallows
  • A pinch of shredded coconut
  • 1 printed Snowman Poop novelty sign
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • Optional: Glitter, silver cake decorating balls, or other sparkly material

Snowman Poop Stocking Stuffer Instructions:

Step 1: Place and seal ingredients into Ziploc® bag.

Place mini-marshmallows and coconut into the bag and seal. Leave some air in the bag for contents to move. If you want to add optional sparkly materials to bag, this is the time to do it.

IMPORTANT: Don't add coconut if your intended recipient is allergic to coconut or nuts.

Snowman Poop Sign Template

Print "Snowman Poop" Sign

Step 2: Print and prep novelty sign.

Print my "Snowman Poop" novelty sign, trim neatly, and fold it in half lengthwise over the top of the bag. For best results, print on card stock.

Step 3: Staple sign to bag.

Center sign over sealed bag top and secure with two staples (above the zipped part as not to puncture the bag and leak its contents).

Step 4: Punch hole in sign.

If you want your Snowman Poop to look like a real retail item snagged from a store, punch a hole in the top center of the sign.

Step 5: Address and "gift" to your special recipient!

Anonymously or with camera in-hand. Bonus fun: Be present when your gift-ee opens their special gift!

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