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Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Project
Projects : Creative Food Fun Projects

Creative Food Fun Projects: Go ahead, Play with Your Food!

How to make fortune cookies.Whomever said, "Don't play with your food!" didn't mean EVER! Some of the most fun and stimulating creative play comes from fiddling around with foodstuffs! And this section on the Creativity Portal features a poutine of projects that go beyond mimicking bland recipes.

Yes, you will learn how to bring ordinary food to life with googly-eyed animations, baking your own kind of fun-filled fortune cookies, and sipping on herbal teas that tease! To appetize on a delicious creative food project, pick an item from the below menu.

Fortune Cookie Recipe & ProjectHow to Make Chinese Fortune Cookies
By Molly J. Anderson-Childers
Learn how to make fortune cookies just like the ones they serve at your favorite Chinese restaurant and cook up some fabulous fortunes to slip inside!

Food Art You Can EAT!Fun with Food: Art You Can Eat!
By Molly J. Anderson-Childers
It begins with an innocent fruit salad smiley, but then prompts you towards animal faces, celebrity portraits, and designs. Allow the edible ingredients to become the inspiration for a story, haiku, or free-verse poetry! What can YOU create?

Peanut PetsHow to Make Your Own Googly-Eyed Shell Peanut Pets
By Chris Dunmire
Fun googly-eyed step-by-step Peanut Pet project as featured in the Montgomery County Sentinel.

Peanut PetsCreativiTEA for Creative Brains!
By Chris Dunmire
Fun printable creative project for creativity and tea lovers! Download, print, and assemble two different kinds of fake "tea" packets — makes the perfect practical joke or April Fools Day gag.

Crafty Recipes for Salt Dough, Clay, Paper Mache, Finger Paints
Recipes for homemade arts and crafts for home and preschools. Learn how to make homemade craft materials: salt dough, clay, paper mache, and finger paints for non-edible crafts of all kinds.