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Penny Snowman Clay Project
Projects : Polymer Clay Christmas Penny Snowman

Christmas Snowman Project

Polymer Clay Fun

'A Penny for Your Thoughts' Christmas Snowman Project

By Chris Dunmire

Here's a quick and easy project for people experienced with polymer clay. It's a 'penny for your thoughts' Polymer Clay Snowman! With a penny, a few scraps of polymer clay, and a cotton ball, you can create this neat little doodad snowman to 'gift' away to your family or friends. Improvise on the idea if you wish — and let your 'claytivity' run free!

Project Materials & Tools:

  • Penny
  • Cotton Ball
  • Toothpick
  • White or Clear Glue
  • White, Black, Red, & Orange Polymer Clay

Project Instructions:

Step one: 1. Assemble snowman pieces

1. Assemble snowman pieces

Form the colored clay pieces into the basic snowman shapes (body, eyes, mouth, nose, hat, scarf) as indicated in the photo above.

TIP: As a guide, the clay pieces shown in the photo are actual size. The images that follow vary in size based on the details emphasized.

Step two: Begin building the snowman.

2. Begin building the snowman.

Using the penny as a base, begin putting together the snowman. Start at the bottom and assemble the base to the penny, followed by the mid-section to the base.

TIP: For the best sticking power between clay pieces, roughen up the clay area with the toothpick where the base meets the penny and where the two body pieces meet (the rough areas will be hidden after assembling).

Step three: Make the snowman head.

3. Make the snowman head.

Assemble the nose and eyes to the face before attaching the head onto the mid-section. Insert the nose into the head before adding the eyes and mouth.

TIP: Use the toothpick to create a deep hole in the head for the "carrot" nose. As you insert the nose into the hole, shape it into a point.

Step four: Dress the snowman.

4. Dress the snowman (hat and scarf).

Next, assemble the black hat pieces on the snowman's head. Shape the hat in any way you see fit. Then, wrap the red scarf around the neck and curl up the ends for a "flowing" effect.

TIP: At this point be sure to give an extra gentle squeezing to the body pieces, head, hat, and scarf together to secure before baking. Also, be sure the snowman is standing upright on the penny, not leaning.

5. Bake the snowman.

Place the snowman onto a piece of tin foil and/or in a shallow baking pan and bake for 10-15 minutes at 275 F degrees (baking times may vary, so refer to the directions on your clay packaging for the best results). After baking, let the snowman cool completely.

TIP: If any of the pieces come apart after the snowman is baked, use the glue to reattach the pieces together.

6. Assemble the cotton "snow" in 3 easy steps:

  1. Step 6.1: Separate the cotton ball.
    Using the toothpick or your fingers, separate the cotton ball center to form the shape of a ring that can be slipped over the penny base of the snowman.

  2. Step 6.2: Apply glue beads to penny.
    Add a few beads of glue on the penny base.

  3. Step 6.3: Slip cotton over penny base.
    Slip the cotton ring over the base to cover the penny and glue beads. After positioning the cotton over the base of the snowman, press it gently and flatten down evenly.

    Allow the glue to dry completely.

Congratulations! You're snowman is finished!

Congratulations! Your snowman is finished. Now you have a small clay sculpture celebrating winter or Christmas fun to 'gift' away to someone special!

Added Touch: Sprinkle on some glitter or attach a small "Penny for Your Thoughts" quote or saying to the base of your creation before giving it away to someone. Or, print out one of my free Winter Printable Gift Tags and write a message to your recipient. •

© 2003 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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