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Dec 4: Christmas Word Search Puzzle


By Chris Dunmire | Posted December 1, 2006 | Updated December 22, 2019

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"Every problem is a new puzzle to solve."
—Lailah Gifty Akita

An Invaluable Lesson in Changing Perspective

MatrixWe're moving along just fine on this Christmas ADVENTure calendar, aren't we? Well, today's stop is an unpuzzling one!

Lailah Gifty Akita is quoted above saying, "Every problem is a new puzzle to solve," and true to her nifty middle name, we have just received a gift — the knowledge that we have the ability to change our reality through the simple act of shifting perspective.

Shifting perspective is all about seeing things from a different angle. This can be physically or mentally (or any other -ally that suits you).

Sample this phenomenon right now: Tilt your head sideways and look at the screen. Instead of readable text, you might see long, vertical lines, Matrix-style!

Yes, objects and situations can look quite different with a new perspective, and if you're up for some fun, mix in a little bit of imaginative pareidolia.

What might happen if you replaced the word "problem" with "puzzle" in your everyday life? I challenge you to try it for a few days just to see what happens.

Pay particular attention to how it feels inside your body when you go with this approach. Imagine tension easing into a relaxing flow or inciting a sense of adventure or play as you put on your double-billed Sherlock Holmes thinking cap to solve the mystery at hand!

On to today's fun...

Below you'll find a group of printable Christmas word search puzzles I designed for you to stretch your brainy muscles as you hunt for words. You'll need your newly acquired "shifting perspective" skills as you track 20 Christmassy terms embedded in the puzzle in all directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forward, or backward. Remember to tilt your head!

Don't worry if you get stuck, the answer key is provided below. But you won't need it, right? Enjoy!

Christmas Word Search Download Selection

20 Christmas Words to Find in Your Search:

Bow, Candy Cane, Christmas, Cookies, December, Eggnog, Elves, Gifts, Mistletoe, Ornaments, Popcorn, Reindeer, Ribbon, Santa Claus, Shopping, Snow, Stocking, Tinsel, Tree, Wrapping.

Color Christmas Word Search Puzzle

Print Color Christmas Word Search #6

Color ink design (PDF 240KB).

Black and White Christmas Word Search Puzzle

Print Black and White Christmas Word Search #6

Black ink only design (PDF 176KB).

Christmas Word Search Answer Key

Print or View On-Screen Christmas Word Search #6 Answer Key

Answers to the puzzle if you're stumped (PDF 264KB).

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