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Valentine's Day Mask Project
Projects : Hands-On Valentine's Day Holiday Projects, Puzzles & Printables

Hands-On Valentine's Day Projects, Puzzles & Printables

Valentine's Day holiday themed art projects, crafts, puzzles, coloring pages, and free printables for personal and classroom use for creative kids of every age and skill level.

Printable Self-Folding and Self-Mailing Valentine's Day Cards or Mini CardsFree Sweet 'n' Fun Valentine's Day Card Project
You'll LOVE making these crafty heart-art cards for your special someone's on Valentine's Day! Choose from two kinds: A self-mailing card or a smaller hand-deliverable Valentine.

Valentine's Day Wordsearch PuzzlesValentine's Day Word Search Puzzles
Candy, chocolate, cupid, and love. See how sweetly-sly you are by locating all of the Valentine's Day related words on the list in the letter grid.

Valentine's Day Mask Making MadnessValentine's Day Mask Making Madness
Kids will love learning how to make creative paper plate and fabric masks for Valentine's Day and other special occasions. Bonus fun creative writing mask making activity.

Tissue Paper Flower Making Carnation-Style Tissue Paper Flower Project
Who says you have to buy real flowers for your special someone on Valentine's Day? Make your next bouquet of flowers last forever by making them yourself with the help of this step-by-step tissue paper flower tutorial.

Loverflies: Butterfly HeartlingsLUVerflies: Foamie Craft Butterfly Heartlings
Learn how to make these cute little foam craft heart butterfly critters for Valentine's Day fun, card embellishments, and other special fluttering occasions. Write a special message on their wings and gift to friends and co-workers on St. Valentine's Day!

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