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Creative Word Search Puzzle #4

By Chris Dunmire | Updated October 15, 2018

Meet Jack!Trick or Treat! Sharpen your pencils and ready your noggin' — while you ready for Halloween, I'll help you stretch your creative brain with this spooky-fun find-a-word puzzle.

See how seasonal-savvy you are by finding all of the Halloween related words on the list in the letter grid. Words are hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, and backwards. Never fear if you get stuck: the answer key is also provided!

Halloween Words to Find in Your Search:

Bat, Black Cat, Boo, Candy Corn, Costume, Dracula, Frankenstein, Ghost, Ghoul, Goblin, Halloween, Jack O Lantern, Monster, Mummy, Skeleton, Spider, Trick or Treat, Web, Witch, Zombie.

The Halloween Word Search Puzzle #4 is available in imagination inducing color or simple black and white.

Halloween Word Search Download Selection

Color Halloween Word Search Puzzle

Download Color Halloween Word Search #4

Want to enjoy full fun color? Print this color version of my Halloween find a word puzzle (PDF 168KB).

Black and White Halloween Word Search Puzzle

Download Black and White Halloween Word Search #4

Like simplicity? Print this black and white version of my find a word puzzle. Saves on colored ink use! (PDF 156KB)

Halloween Word Search Answer Key

Halloween Word Search Answer Key

Download Halloween Word Search #4 Answer Key

Stumped in finding some words? Here's the answer key. No peeking until you're done! (PDF 176KB)

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