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Thanksgiving Day Holiday Word Search Puzzle

Creative Word Search Puzzle #5

By Chris Dunmire | Posted November 11, 2007 | Updated November 27, 2019

Gobble up some brain-strengthening fun!

Turkey HeadPilgrims, Indians, and Turkeys, oh my! If you love the Thanksgiving Day holiday AND the challenge of finding words in a jumble of letters, then you'll love stretching your creative brain with my fun Thanksgiving-themed find-a-word puzzle.

See how gravy-savvy you are by locating all of the Thanksgiving related words on the list in the letter grid. Words may be embedded horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forward, and backward. And don't worry if you get stuck, the answer key is provided further down on this page (no peeking unless you're really stumped or are a teacher using the puzzle in a classroom setting!).

The Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle #5 is available in two color schemes: color and black and white (best for copier machines).

Thanksgiving Themed Words to Find in Your Search:

Autumn, Celebration, Cornbread, Cornucopia, Cranberry, Dressing, Family, Feast, Indians, November, Pilgrim, Pumpkin Pie, Settlers, Sharing, Squash, Sweet Potato, Thankful, Thanksgiving, Turkey.

Thanksgiving Word Search Download Selection

Thanksgiving Day Holiday Word Search Puzzle - Color

Download Color Thanksgiving Word Search #5

Color version of the find a word puzzle. (PDF 293KB)

Thanksgiving Day Holiday Word Search Puzzle - Black and White

Download Black & White Thanksgiving Word Search #5

Black and white version of the find a word puzzle — best for copiers. (PDF 174KB)

Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle Answer Key

Download Thanksgiving Word Search #5 Answer Key

Answers to the puzzle for teachers and stumped puzzle enthusiasts. (PDF 294KB)

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