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Jon Burkhardt Child Art Gallery
Child Art : Jon Burkhardt Child Art Gallery

Child Art: Jon Burkhardt Gallery & Bonus Creative Activities

Beary Happy

Beary Happy depicts the way kids view life... bright colors, happy faces and lots of energy!

Nap Time

Nap Time is a far cry from the ferocious jungle beast that we see at the zoo.

Hungry Giraffe

Hungry Giraffe depicts a long neck giraffe helping himself to a juicy red apple from the tree branch

About the Artist: Jon Burkhardt

By Cheryl Burkhardt

Jon Burkhardt likes to paint with watercolors. He created these masterpieces when he was only ten years old! Doesn't his artistic talent inspire creativity in you and make you want to paint with watercolors too?

Advice from Jon: "Never give up. Just be creative and keep trying until you get it the way you want it. Don't give up if it doesn't look right the first time."

From Jon's mom, Cheryl: "I would like to add as a mother of four boys... that a mom should always try to get her kids to do something creative. Not only do the kids have fun, but the "Art of Creating" is a wonderful stress reliever for adults as well."

What kind of creative activities does Cheryl recommend?

  • Grow a garden of gourds and take them through all the necessary steps to become a gorgeous work of art or crafty basket.
  • Make polymer clay ornaments to decorate your tree, or a fishing lure for the rod and reel.
  • With a palate of watercolors you can paint a happy face on the King of the Jungle.
  • Try a pen and ink portrait of your favorite feathered friend on the canvas of an ostrich egg.
  • Wood burn a Native American scene on a piece of aromatic cedar.
  • Sew a cute teddy bear from an old fur coat.
  • Make candles from paraffin wax, soy bean wax, gel wax or even an old fashioned olive oil lamp.
  • Turn old blue jeans into a purse.
  • Crochet some Beanie Baby clothes.
  • Write a book.
  • Paint a mural on your living room wall or hide a bad spot on your carpet with a little art.
  • Photograph the sunset or your children on the beach.
  • Make a sand castle.

Cheryl leaves us with sage advice: "Who says you can't be creative with four boys around the house?"

Find more inspiring works of art by the Burkhardt family at