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Creative Play: Interactive Activities
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Fun Gadgets, Games, Online Books and Creative Play!

Art & Creativity

A UK-registered charity which creates unique, visual arts educational resources aimed at all ages and abilities. Home users, teachers, and students can access online workshops, PDF’s, and a user forum to find fun and highly visual resources focusing upon drawing, sculpture, installation art and photography.

Crayola Creativity Central
Online fun from the people who make the world's best crayons! Features arts and crafts, card creator, coloring and activities, and interactive games.

Art Junction
A collaborative art space for teachers and students.

Interactive Activities

Silly Putty University
An online school of learning the history, science, and sport behind the bouncy, gooey toy known as Silly Putty. Includes games and activities, trivia and fun, and a chance at earning a Master of Silly Putty (MSP) degree!

Interactive Art You Can Make Online
Fun for kids of all ages! Create your own art online with these fun Shockwave programs. Includes Collage Machine, PaintBox, 3-D Twirler, Mobile Maker, Cubits, and PixelFace.

Jurassic Park Institute
A fun place for kids and resource for teachers to learn about dinosaurs. Dinosaur facts, trivia, games, e-cards, and much more.

Kaleidoscope Painter
Create cool kaleidoscope designs on a virtual canvas with your mouse.

Magnetic Poetry
You're a poet, and now you can show it! Assemble works of poetry and prose on your very own magnetic board.

Make a Flake
This Flash-based simulated snowflake creation tool allows you to make virtual cuts into a folded triangle and create your own unique six-sided snowflake. A great way to plan and execute your own real cutting designs before touching any paper or having to clean up a snipping mess!

Mr. Picasso Head
Create your own Pablo Picasso-esque art on a virtual canvas, complete with your signature styled after the great painting master.

SegPlay Online Paint by Number
The art of pieceful imaging. A fun and interactive color-by-number art experience to allow to you color in detailed patterns of photographs and well known art images without lifting a paint brush or crayon.

Soda Play
Home of creative engineering and play. Features the Sodaconstructor that makes two-dimensional models out of masses and springs. Animated models can be constructed to bounce, roll, and walk.

Toy Theater
A virtual playground to experiment with art, collage, drawing, sculpture, math, science, and animation.

Puzzles, Riddles, and Brainteasers

Da Vinci Code Web Quest
Solve riddles, crack codes, and unveil a lost Da Vinci secret.

Puzzle Maker
A puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists.

Jig Zone
Virtual jig saw puzzles! Challenge yourself with one of many free multi-piece jigsaw puzzle pictures. Various levels of difficulty.

CR Puzzles
Your online puzzle magazine. User-friendly, Java interactive puzzles by experienced print puzzle contributors. Word search, crossword, logic, cryptogram, word math, and mini-crostic.

Web Puzzler
Remember the hand-held slide puzzles? This site has over 50 different virtual slide puzzles to chose from featuring pop culture images.

Classic Texts and Free Electronic Books Online

International Children's Digital Library
A project from the University of Maryland and the Internet Archive. The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is a five-year project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to create a digital library of international children's books.

Children's Books Online: The Rosetta Project, Inc.
"The largest collection of illustrated antique children's books on line. The Rosetta Project's collections currently contain about 2,000 antique children's books which were published in the 19th and early 20th century." Library includes such classics as The Little Red Hen, David Copperfield, The Ugly Duckling, and Peter Rabbit.

Classic Bookshelf
Free electronic books online. Enjoy classic texts from Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Charles Kingsley, Miguel De Cervantes, Bram Stoker, Robert Louis Stevensen, and many more.